Thursday, September 23, 2010

Target Turkey Thursday

One of my favorite blogs, Frost Me has a great series of posts for Saturday's - Shopping Saturday's.  Kim posts her shopping finds and gives tips on how to use them for various parties.  It's like going shopping without leaving your computer!

So tonight, the kids and I ventured to Target (which really means ADventure with my children).  As I've mentioned before, Target's Dollar Aisle is one of the things that fills my life's bucket :)  We have a Target Greatland which means 2 entrances - I drive clear across the parking lot so we can park at the entrance for the Dollar Aisle.  Not only is it great for Party Planning Moms on a Budget, but it is the best go-to-bribe area for kids.  Mom's can bribe the kids to be good without having to spend a fortune. 

Inspired by Kim at Frost Me, I found lots of cute things refrained from buying them!  Stay tuned for a future post.  It was hard because tonight's dollar aisle was stocked with new fun things. 

I did pick up a few things though.  Each year we host my Mom's side of the family for a Thanksgiving feast.  Each year it seems to grow bigger and bigger with the addition of new little ones.  I'm going to have to upgrade and enlarge the kids' table this year.  Celebrations at Home has some great posts for Thanksgiving party ideas, including some great ideas for the kids' table.  Unfortunately, the featured color-your-own giant Thanksgiving table cloth is no longer available at Oriental Trading. 

No fear - Target Dollar Aisle to the rescue!  Tonight I found these packs of 6 color-your-own Thanksgiving place mats.  I thought it may be better than the tablecloth because each child will have their own so hopefully no fights.

I've mentioned before my infatuation with pin the "whatever on the whatever."  Apparently Target is on the same page too.  In the dollar aisle I found this "Pin the Hat on the Turkey" game.  It would cost me more to make my own!  And think of the time I saved :)

My final Thanksgiving find were these Turkey hats that just made me laugh. Ethan checked out a book from the library a few weeks ago called, "Ten Fat Turkeys."  It's really a silly book that we had to read every night, sometimes more than once until we had to return it.  Chris threatened to renew it when he took Ethan back to the library.  The book became my own ear worm.  So when I found these hats I couldn't help but laugh and think, Wobble, Wobble, Bibble, Babble.  Ten Fat Turkeys sitting on a fence...  My plan is to take the kids' picture in them for a fun Thanksgiving Dinner e-vite and then use them to play a silly game modeled after Ethan's Ten Fat Turkey book.  Who knows, maybe I'll even have to re-check it out.  Maybe I should call ahead to the library to have them put a hold on the book for me :)

UpperCase Living (the vinyl version of a Tupperware party) has this adorable centerpiece for the kids table. 

I also found these adorable pilgrim hat cookies to make for the kids.  They look easy enough even I can do them.

So sorry for completely jumping over Halloween here.  I haven't forgot you Halloween.  Target just had me thinking Turkeys tonight :)

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