Monday, May 28, 2012

Honeycomb Ice Cream Cones

I'm back with another recycled party decor idea.  Still party prepping for our Ice Cream and Lemonade Social. 

A while back, I came across these adorable honeycomb paper ice cream cones.  I can't remember for the life of me what party printable dynamic duo made these, so if you remember, please let me know so I can give them proper credit.

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I have a TON of these honeycombs leftover from Grace's Enchanted Prom Party!

Here is what I came up with for my recycled honeycomb ice cream cones (notice the paper lemon on top if you can - my attempt to tie in the lemonade theme as well!)  (You'll have to excuse the pics - it is windy, windy, windy here!)

My paper cone is probably not the best, but hey, ice cream cones aren't perfect :)  Thanks for looking!

Paper Pom Ice Cream Sundaes

We are getting ready for our 2nd annual neighborhood ice cream social.  We had so much fun at last year's gathering that we had to do it again!  See pics here.

This year, our theme is ice cream and lemonade - two of summer's best treats!  See our awesome invite here from Dimple Prints.  And this year, we are celebrating on a budget!  In an attempt to be economical, I am using my stash of party decor.  As I was going through leftover party decor, I came across these small paper poms from Grace's Enchanted Prom Party.

I also had these poms from our Halloween party:

Adding a few lemon stickee notes from a lemon stickee pad of paper I found from Target in the dollar aisle, and placing them in an ice cream sundae container from the dollar store, here is what those poms now look like:

Now that's party decor on a budget!  Thanks for looking!

Welcome Summer with an Ice Cream and Lemonade Social!

Happy Memorial Day!  What a beautiful weekend here in Wisconsin!  We could not have asked for better weather to get out and celebrate our heroes.  We spent the weekend with our close family and friends and feel truly blessed to be able to do so.

In the meantime, I am getting ready for our 2nd annual neighborhood ice cream social.  Again, with the talented Carli from Dimple Prints, we are creating a memorable event for the neighborhood.  This year, we are going with a twist - an ice cream and lemonade party!  What says summer more than ice cream AND lemonade!

We had a neighborhood rummage sale last weekend and my daughter and her BFF neighbor had their first ever lemonade stand.  They only had been asking for it since March :)  They were quite the saleswomen - even convincing a local police officer to buy a few cups.  (You'll have to excuse the pics - it was a little sunny!)

 (Yes, my neighbor and I baked all goodies - including cake pops of course!)

So, with a successful lemonade stand under their belts, we are all set for our ice cream and lemonade neighborhood social to kick off summer.

This invite from Carlie of Dimple Prints could not be better for our theme!

I can't wait to show you more of the party prep!  Lots of ways to recycle previous party goods :)

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Own Home Makeover!

We've been in our house a little over 6 years now and I was itching for a make over.  Lucky for me, the furniture that we were told when we bought 10 years ago and were told it would last 10 years came true to the salesperson's promise.  It was like it turned 10 and it was screaming to be retired.

So what started out as just needing a new couch and chair and ottoman turned into a living room and dining room makeover.  I wish I had good before pictures, but I don't.  I was just so eager to get this party started that I forgot to take before pictures.  Because we have an open concept house, I thought I had to have our living room and dining room one color.  So the entire living room and dining room was the same color yellow. I love yellow.  I also love red.  At our old house, I made Chris paint one red wall.  Have you painted red?  It takes a gazillion coats.  I promised him I would not do that again.  But we had red furniture.  In that great material that the furniture people promise you wears fabulously.  Here's a tip - it doesn't.  I'm a clean freak.  We vacuum our furniture regularly.  It didn't stay clean.  It didn't repel spills.  Instead, it was like it sucked the spill into just to prove otherwise.  But, I do love red :)  Just not my furniture anymore :)

Here are some pictures to get an idea of what the living room and dining room looked like (ignore the various holiday and party decor):

Living Room:


Window Treatments and Furniture

Pillars Separating the Living Room and Dining Room

Dining Room (this is all I got...):

And here's my new living room and dining room!  I love it!!!

The pillars and fireplace were painted "Silhouette" in a matte finish.  I eliminated the cornice treatment and just went with a plain curtain rod.  The curtains are from JC Penney.  They worked perfectly!  The frames are from Hobby Lobby that I placed fabric in.  I put new lamp shades on the lamps from Target.  The living room color paint is Kingsport Gray.  The entryway wall and dining room are Shaker Beige.

Here is the fireplace :)

The entryway. 
The canvases are from Ballard Design.  They were in our bedroom.  The rug is from Joss and Main.

My black and white photo wall.

I took a grain sack, cut the back off and put it in an embroidery hoop that I painted the Silhouette color.  The mirror, pin board and "C" are from Hobby Lobby.

I took leftover fabric and put it in embroidery hoops that I painted as well.

 The dining room:

I really did not buy anything new for the dining room.  I did a lot of "shopping my house."  Our amazing painters (who are TEACHERS by trade - shout out to the teachers!) helped me pick the colors and also helped me shop my house and rearrange things so it looks like have a new house.  I've had these barn windows for 10 years as well as the antique silverware in the shadow boxes.  The antique silverware is from my Great Aunt. 

My painters/teacher/interior decorators had me rearrange my Ikea frames and paint them the Silhouette color.  I love them!

I bought this shelf at Kohl's on super sale with another 30% off.  It's not the highest quality, but it does the job! Everything on this shelf I had (except the monogram).  The curtains are from Pottery Barn Teen of all places!

I thought I'd miss all the color from the previous living room and furniture.  I'm not.  I absolutely love my new rooms!!!

Thanks for looking!