Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quick post of Ethan's party.

I'm so excited to share Ethan's 3rd birthday, but probably not as excited as he was for the party.  On Friday, after "helping" me decorate for most of the day, he exclaimed to Grace after she got home from school, "TA-DA!!!  My birthday party Gace."  (He calls her "Gace.") 

I have a bazillion things to do after ditching out at the Packer game today but here is a quick and dirty post.  I hope to do a more detailed post later this week.  Jessie Warner graciously agreed to take pictures of the party for me.  Here is a link to her website and of the proofs from the party.  I'll feature the pictures later this week!  Thanks for looking!  Have a great Monday.

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