Monday, September 13, 2010

Ethan's Party Week

So this week it is all Ethan, all week.  Tomorrow is his actual birthday.  When I asked him what he wanted to bring to daycare for his treat, his immediate response was "Queen Cutcakes" - translation - Lightning McQueen cupcakes.  So here are the cupcakes for his birthday for tomorrow.   (I apologize for the flash - still learning how to take good pictures)


Chris had to help me frost them because I hurt my back this weekend getting a massage of all things! Let's hope it improves because on top of teaching my first CCD class, I have A LOT of party planning to do!

(The licking of the frosting was AFTER I stuffed the pastry bag and is way out of my norm of what I'd let my kids do.  But it's Ethan's birthday week so I guess I'm letting my hair down!)

Here are a few other things I am working on for the party.  I've been inspired by all the adorable sweets tables on the party blogs so for this party I am trying my hand at one. I loved the sweets table from this Sesame Street inspired party.  Luckily I had a very similar container for the lollipops from my Grandpa Pat.  He had a garden that would make the greatest gardner envious.  He and my Grandma Gladys would spend days on end canning tomatoes in the greenhouse.  The container is one of his containers for storing canning jar .  I was very happy to put it to such a great use and to have him be a little part of Ethan's party.  If he was alive today he would get great joy of of his Great Grandkids!

The label is from Posh Pixels on Etsy.  She also has her own blog.  She does custom orders and is great to work with!  I'm using lots more of those cute labels throughout the rest of the party.  Stay tuned :)

Since Grace's first birthday I have put together picture boards for each of their birthdays with a picture from each month of that year.  It is fun to see how they have grown and changed throughout the year.  My first picture board was pretty blah now that I look back at it.  But it will be fun to take them all out at their high school graduation and see how they've grown.  Here is Ethan's picture board for this year.  I try to stick to the theme of the party so not only will the see how they've grown but they will remember their birthday party themes :)

The weather on Saturday is supposed to be rainy.  That should come as no shock to my family and friends.  It never fails that the weather is awful for the kids' parties.  Last year it was literally 90 degrees and humid - in the middle of September in Wisconsin no less!  So I have indoor games planned for the activities.  One of the easiest and most inexpensive games you can play with the kids and that can match any theme is "Pin the [whatever] on the [whatever]."  There are tons of free coloring page websites out there.  Here is one I like to use.  Find a picture that fits your theme, print it out, transfer the image to an overhead transparency and then use an overhead projector to project it onto poster board, trace, color and voila - you have a "Pin the [whatever] on a [whatever]."  I've used this for Ethan's first birthday ("Pin the star in the sky"); Grace's ballet party ("Pin the tutu on the ballerina"); our block party ("Pin the cherry on the ice cream cone"); our upcoming Halloween party ("Pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern"); and now Ethan's party - "Pin the Tire on McQueen."

So that's my introduction to Ethan's party.  There's lots more to come later this week.  Stay tuned :)  Have a fabulous week and Happy 3rd Birthday to one of the sweetest and happiest little boys!


  1. My nephew, a fellow Lightening McQueen fan, was very excited with your theme. We like the cupcakes and the Pin the Tire on McQueen.

  2. What a great party theme! Looks like lots of fun!


  3. These cupcakes look so cute with the grass and flags. Can't wait to see the photos from this weekends' party!

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