Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vintage Alice in Wonderland Party

I'm knee deep in getting ready for our Halloween party for Saturday, but I had to share this adorable party with you.  My good friend and co-worker Rebecca, who I've mentioned a time or two on the blog had a Vintage Alice in Wonderland party for her adorable daughter Chloe - coincidentally the same day as Ethan's Car's party.  So while I was decorating for a boy, she was putting together cute, girly decorations and favors.  We both had the same struggle - how to take a Disney theme and make it non-commercial.  I have to say, she did such a GREAT job!  I am so impressed.  She is so talented (and if she had more time, she should have a blog too.)  Some day when we don't have to have real jobs, we are going to be party planners - oh to dream big :)

So without further ado, here is Chloe's Alice in Wonderland 5th Birthday Party.

The Birthday Girl
How cute is she???

Chloe's dress - Chasing Fireflies (I couldn't find it.  I'll add the link when I find it.)
Rebecca made the bean bag toss game that Chloe is standing in front of in the first picture out of foam board.  She also made Chloe's headband and headband favors for all of the girls using finds from the Dollar Store.  The tea cups were in a set of Disney Princess teacups and saucers.  She took the decals off and used them in the headbands.

The Decorations
Rebecca did this herself!  She got the teacups and saucers from Michael's at the end of summer at 80% off!  Using foam and a dowel, she stacked the cups and saucers on top of each other.
Each of the little boys received a top hat.  Rebecca added the ribbon.







Rebecca's husband drew this Cheshire Cat freehand!

Rebecca made this for her front door.

Eat Me!  Drink Me!
These cupcakes were from Rebecca's local Pic-n-Save store.  They are adorable! 
She added the Alice in Wonderland figurines that she got from Fancy Flour (one of my favorites!)
Here they are up close:

A tea party for little princesses!  The "Eat Me" tag is from Etsy.  She also had coordinating invitations and a banner in her foyer (if you look closely in the picture above of her foyer, you can see it.)

Here are the invitations:
Alice in Wonderland Invitation Note Cards Tea Party

Here is a close up of the banner:
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Banner

Congratulations Rebecca on such a fabulous party!


  1. Very pretty!!! I love the chandelier decorations. So whimsical and fun looking!