Thursday, September 9, 2010

Buckets of Fall!

First, thank you to all of you who have given me such great feedback on the blog!  I am overjoyed.  So, to keep the momentum going, I thought I'd post tonight.

The weather here has turned refreshingly cool and Autumn is definitely in the air!  It has me thinking Halloween - in fact my house is already decorated for Fall/Halloween.  If you follow this blog long enough you'll know I put things up early and take them down right away.  I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a nut!

This year I'm planning a kid-friendly Halloween party for family and friends.  I am SO excited!  There is so much cute stuff out there!

I decided to have a color and pattern theme for this party.  Since it's geared towards elementary aged kids and younger ones, I didn't want it to be a spooky party.  So, I'm going with black and orange polka dots and stripes - what's cuter than polka dots!  Much to my surprise all the talented designers out there are on the same page with me - as is my other favorite store, mecca of all cute things, Hobby Lobby. 

I wanted to share one fun thing I'll have at the party - these adorable Halloween pinwheels from of a store course on Etsy, Crossroads Cottage.  How cute are these?  Shana is so fabulous to work with.  She has literally 100's of combinations you can choose from to match your party theme.  I can't wait to get them to see how cute they are in person. 

Another project I am working on for the party was inspired by the Halloween party from Anders Ruff- one of my favorite party designers.  Look how cute this sweets table is!

Besides being adorable (and fitting with my stripe and polka dot theme) What makes this party great, is that it is all included in a package and you print what you need.  Check it out here!

I love the branch in the pot in the background of the table.  Luckily it was REALLY windy here this week and the trees lost a lot of branches - much to my benefit.  You can imagine how thrilled my husband was when I brought home a bunch of big branches!  He was even more thrilled when I spray painted them tonight in the backyard!  This is the messy part of party planning!  I wonder if the professionals like Anders Ruff make just as big of a mess when they made their black branch :)  But that's why I love my husband, because he puts up with me and all my nuttiness!

This weekend I hope to post something from Ethan's party which is next weekend.  He turns 3 next week.  Since May when it was his cousin Chloe's party he has been saying to me "My party next?"  He's probably been asking for 4 months because he's had to endure three girly girl parties - Grace's party and my nieces' two girly parties.  He is SO excited - as am I.  He wanted a Lightning McQueen theme (from Disney's Cars movie).  Have a great night!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting our Happy Halloween collection!! Love your design of your blog!

    Maureen and Adria