Friday, April 20, 2012

Scotcheroo Pops

Watch out cake pops, push pops and brownie pops!  Make room for the Scotcheroo Pop!  Who doesn't love the delicious treat of Scotcheroos?  Even better, Kellogg's now has Gluten Free Rice Krispies (that don't taste like cardboard!)

For Grace's 1st Communion, I found these adorable edible doily rosettes from Sweet Deja Vu on Etsy.
100 Edible White Lace Rosettes Doilies

I originally thought I'd use them for a cake decoration.  Then Grace decided she wanted an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen (not really in tune with the theme, Grace...)  So, I improvised, and here is how I used them:

Printable from Dimple Prints

These were SO easy to make!  I used my circle mold cake pan.  I made the Scotcheroos as the recipe notes.  I then took the mixture and filled each mold.  I stuck a dowel in each pop before it hardened.  Then I poured the chocolate mixture on top, spread it around.  After it cooled a bit, I added the doily rosette.  When they were completely cooled, I put them in a cello bag, tied them off with baker's twine and a printable tag.  Easy, peasy!  I am not one for puttsy food projects and this was perfect!

I promise to remember all of you when I am famous with my Scotcheroo Pop book :)  Just kidding of course :)  Thanks for looking.

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