Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let's Roller Skate! Grace is 8! - Roller Skate Party Favors

I'm back with another post.  It seems my blog posts come in 2's these days :)  This post features the favors for Grace's friend party - her roller skating party :)

My wonderful and talented friend Jean makes FABULOUS headbands - they don't slip, are reversible and are so darn cute!  Here is her Etsy shop.  Not sure if it was out of the guilt I possibly laid on her :), but she agreed to make headbands for the party for favors.  Grace is going with a zebra print theme.  She picked out the fabric for the headbands. 

Here is how cute they turned out:

Of course, I couldn't just hand out the headbands to the girls :)  I had to package them in some adorable way.  I found these cups online, added some paper Easter grass and here they are:

The fabulous Carli of Dimple Prints made custom printables for us for the roller skate party.  Add a little coordinating ribbon from Hobby Lobby, and here they are :)

I had to get a few pics of Grace holding the favors, modeling the headband with her coordinating skirt I found on Zulily.

Thanks for looking! 


  1. These are fabulous! Where did you get the containers?

  2. Thank you! I found those at garnish.

  3. Those are too cute!!! I love them. I'm planning a co-ed roller skating party, any suggestions for boy favors?

  4. I"m doing a boy party - co-ed and I'm using socks!