Monday, October 18, 2010

Buckets of Show and Tell

This week, my gal Betsy is hosting a Show and Tell on her blog, Belly Feathers.  When I saw her post, I couldn't wait to participate.  She's looking for everyone to show and tell about their favorite entertaining and serving pieces.  What a great idea Betsy!  Even better, Betsy stole my idea!  She featured her Pampered Chef Trifle Bowl.  I have the same dish and LOVE it!  I have used it from everything from Trifles (it's intended use) to Christmas decorations using an array of ornaments to displaying candy for candy tables.  It is definitely a go-to piece.

So, seeing as I would hate to arrive to Show and Tell with the same thing as Betsy, I'm featuring my next favorite item - the Southern Living at Home Astoria Flatware Caddy.  Much to my surprise, Southern Living was sold and is now Willow House and it looks like this has been discontinued.  But, if you are swayed by my post, there are some available on eBay.  I'm guessing you could try Craig's List as well.

I've used my caddy for everything from displaying fresh flower arrangements, to using it for silverware.  But my latest favorite thing for this item is to use it for candy tables.  I used it at Ethan's Cars Birthday Party:

For my upcoming Halloween party, I'm using it to display orange and black rock candy.

Here are some other uses for the Caddy:

How cute is this for Christmas?

Or Valentine's Day?

Having a wine and cheese party?

If I had to pick a second item, it would be my new Pottery Barn three-tiered stand. 
Galvanized Metal 3-Tier Stand

Alternate View

I used this also for Ethan's Car's party.

I've seen this used on other party blogs as well:

I've probably broken the Show and Tell rules by bringing two items, but I couldn't resist.  Thanks Betsy for the great idea and letting me share!  Can't wait to see everyone's ideas!

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  1. This is so wonderful, Melissa! I'm jealous of your Astoria flatware caddy...I've been trying to get one on eBay or Craigslist for months, but the price hasn't been right yet.

    Thanks so much for participating in my Show and Tell! You haven't broken the rules at all by sharing two items...that's perfect!