Monday, October 4, 2010

Buckets of Parties and Pumpkins

This past weekend was Grandma Glady's 90th Birthday Bash in Door County.  Unfortunately the weather man was actually correct this time - on the way up we had our "spotty showers".  My Grandma commented that it was not supposed to rain today!  In my mind, it was my Grandpa's tears of joy for the celebration.  Even though he passed away 11 years ago this August, it seems like it was yesterday.  My grandparents are Dutch and he would called her "huneck" which she claimed was "honey" in Dutch.  I just think it was his term of endearment for her.  (I looked it up and the Dutch word for "honey" is "honing" - close enough I guess.) 

The shirts I had made from the Nesting Project were a huge hit!  We had lots of people asking us who were "Gladys' Gals."  Lots of people loved our pink flowers too.  Here are a few pictures.

Can you believe she is 90?

From left to right, my cousin Amy, my sister Magan (she's my twin), my mom Patti, me, Grandma Gladys, my sister Margo, my cousin Nadia and my aunt Debbie (the photographer).

The weekend truly was remarkable and memorable.  I think the best part was on the way home when my Grandma said it was her best birthday ever.  Now that says a lot when you've had 90 of them!

After I got home from all the laughs and fun, it was time to focus and get some more things done for the Halloween party.  I was inspired by all the beautiful Fall trees in Door County and gorgeous home decor that I resisted buying.  Lots of the shops had really cute outdoor displays.

Grace was ready for a project.  Unfortunately for her, Daddy is not much for arts and crafts.  As we were getting ready for our project, she said to me, "I bet Grandma Gladys got to see Jesus."  I asked her why she thought that (thinking she thought Grandma was on her way to meet him or something).  She had other ideas - "Well, because she is really old and Jesus lived a long time ago."  I happen to be teaching CCD class this year and last week's lesson included teaching the kids that Jesus lived a long time ago.  I guess for a 1st grader 90 years is like ancient history :)

So besides Grace's great stories and funnies, my mind was focused on pumpkins after finding some in Door County that closely resembled these from Chasing Fireflies:
The price though was a little out of my range.  So I decided to make my own.  Here is what Grace and I came up with:

The pumpkins are from Michael's.  The beads are from JoAnn. 

Here are some other ideas for adorning pumpkins that I myself "adore." :)

three spotted pumpkins


How great is this for your front porch or walkway?
Rather than carving the pumpkins, you could paint the number or use vinyl.  And, to keep from year-to-year, try using the funkins.
Pumpkin welcome

Here is my version using vinyl and funkins.  I have these placed in pots anchoring my garage door.

Or try this using vinyl:


I love unique colored pumpkins!
Decorative pumpkins on a bench
Better Homes and Gardens

I also love mixing pumpkins with Fall plants and flowers.

I am also very fond of carving words and polka dots into pumpkins:

Martha Stewart


Eddie Ross

These were carved for a friend's wedding a few years ago. (The pictures were taken with my old, yucky camera.)

For me, Fall is one of the more special times of the year!  A great time to be thankful for all the things that fill my bucket - especially one very special 90 year old lady (and a younger one and her brother too)!


  1. How did you come up with the pattern and adhere your "bling" to your pumpkins?

    I tried your first BHG picture a couple of years ago. It looks great, but it's really hard to use an apple corer on a pumpkin. Happy fall!

  2. I free handed the pattern on my pumpkin, but used the picture from Chasing Fireflies as inspriation. I used black puffy glue, and drew the line and then put the beads on. With the black, you can't see the "mistakes" I made. It also did not dry up right away so I had time to put the beads on. It really was super easy.