Sunday, October 24, 2010

Buckets of Halloween Party

I am SO exhausted from our Halloween Party but I wanted to post a few pictures.  I have so many and want to give the party its justice with Jessie Warner's pictures.  So I'll do two different posts.  The first one I am featuring pictures of Anders Ruff Halloween printable collection.  As I've said before, printables are fabulous - you can customize them for your party and you can use them over and over.  I just LOVED this collection and had so much fun using it for the party.  Here is a sampling for some of their goods.

But first, here's Grace and Ethan in their costumes.  I did Grace's make-up with a "paint by numbers" kit.  Ethan, my boy's boy but who hates to be dirty wanted the face paint off as soon as I had it on. 

(And here's one of me as a fortune teller - to go with my fortune telling games.)

Remember the spray paint in the backyard?  Here is what the spray painted sticks turned into...

The printable banner from Anders Ruff says, "Trick or Treat."

A close up of the tree:
"Boo" letters from hobby Lobby
Paper Poms from My Silly Bear on Etsy
The Candy Table
Yummy Treats
Picture Back drop (Anders Ruff on top in the center)
Trick or Treat banner:  Pottery Barn Kids (sold out)
Crayon Rolls:  Its the Small Things
Frame and Halloween Basket:  Hobby Lobby
Fun and Games
I can't wait to share more photos.  The party was lots of fun - especially the Bobbing for Donuts!  After Ethan's birthday party and this one month later, I think I need to go on party hiatus for a while. Party planning can be exhausting!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend and Go Packers!


  1. Everything looks fabulous, Melissa!! I can totally see why you'd be exhausted. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

  2. Looks amazing! I'm so excited to see our printable halloween collection used in such a creative way! Great work!

  3. how cute! Happy Halloween!

  4. Your party looks amazing! Love the cute way your displayed the marshmallow pops! So happy to find your blog and love the name "Buckets Of Grace" :)
    Korinne at

  5. bravo!!! The party looks fantastic (and so do you guys!!!) Ok, so many fav parts - cones in the milk holder (I have a big one never thought to use it for cones! genius!) simple things like witch hat on juice, love it! picture backdrop, branches, marshmallows, table setup... great job mamma!

    hugs! Kim @ Part Frosting!