Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Buckets of Halloween

Is it just me or are there just so many cute DIY ideas out there for Halloween!  So many craft projects, so little time.  Or, so many craft projects and Halloween is just one day of the year!

One of my colleagues first pointed out this adorable candy corn wreath from Woman's Day magazine and shortly thereafter, bam - the wreath is on all the party blogging websites.  She has an eye for good taste :)

Click on the link for this super easy how-to.  

This was just too cute not to make.  So I made my own version.  Keeping with the orange and black theme of my Halloween party, I used the Indian Corn version of candy corn.  I made two of them and plan on using them to anchor my Anders Ruff "Trick or Treat" garland on the candy table.

If you are thinking about making this, here are some tried and true tips:
  1. When you wrap the wreath with duct tape, use smaller strips of duct tape rather than trying to do it all in one continuous piece.  The pressure of pulling the tape may break the Styrofoam.  Also, the tape tends to overlap itself if you use one continuous piece - you'll use more than you need that way.
  2. Work on the top surface of the wreath first.  Then work on the outer edge and then the inside of the wreath.
  3. The directions say to leave your candy corn to dry out before you use it (let it get hard.)  I didn't do that (mostly because I didn't read the directions before I was ready to make it and I didn't want to wait.)  It worked out well to use the soft candy corn because I could manipulate the pieces in the spaces better - especially if they were tight spaces.
I recently posted some of my favorite pumpkin ideas.  I have one more to share.  This is courtesy of my good friend Tina.  She used clear glue and black glitter to make her pumpkins.  Super easy and super cute!

Tina used real pumpkins, but I think this idea would be great too using Funkins - then you could save the pumpkins year-to-year.  You could use a spray finish so the glitter stays year after year as well.  Thank you Tina for sharing!  They are very nice. 

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