Monday, May 9, 2011

Enchanted Prom Birthday Party - Part IV, More Decor

The final of the Enchanted Prom Birthday Party posts features more of the decor from the party. (See Part I here, Part II here and Part III here.)  I wish I was a simple, minimalist party decorator - it sure would cut down on the amount of work I do for parties.  My problem is that I like too many things and get way too many ideas!  It sort of is odd that I gravitate to the parties that are the more simple and streamlined rather than the ones with more, more, more.  Ha!  Life should mimic art!

So here is the final roundup from Grace's Enchanted Prom Birthday Party.  It truly was a fun party to plan.  Now, on to Ethan's Carnival Extravaganza! (Wait, that's not until September!)

Meri Meri by Make it Mine Parties
Maybe I've been living under a rock (I do live in Wisconsin after all), but I discovered Meri Meri's line of party goods when I was planning Ethan's Cars party and fell in love with all of their party lines!  When I found Meri Meri, I also found Make it Mine Parties.  The gals at Make it Mine Parties take the already cute Meri Meri products and make them uber-cute by personalizing them. 

The Princess Royalty line worked perfectly with the Enchanted Prom theme.  These pictures really do not do these products justice - they are really high quality and absolutely adorable!

Disco Ball Topiary
As if hanging disco balls throughout the party was not enough, we needed a disco ball topiary to anchor each side of the dance floor.  These particular disco balls were outdoor Christmas ornaments that I removed the stems and inserted a wooden dowel.  I then hot glued ribbon to the base of the ball.  These happen to be my mom and dad's ornaments they use for their outdoor "Charlie Brown" Christmas Tree.  Guess they will just be a little fancier next Christmas :)

The Gift Table
The background for this table is what else, another shower curtain!  This one was a $5 find.  I thought the pattern sort of mirrored a disco ball.  I attempted the cute layered look for the table skirt, but mine some how did not look right.  The ribbons are from Target that I found after Christmas for 75% off in the outdoor holiday decor aisle.

Garden Stakes

Welcome Sign
From the oh-so-talented Jill of Peas and Thank You's.  (See the coordinating banner here.)

Table Centerpieces

Grace's Birthday Poster
Starting with Grace's 1st Birthday, I've been making a poster each year of the kids with one picture of them from each month during the year to show how they've changed during the year.  I try to keep the poster consistent with the theme of the party.  My hope is that when the graduate, I will display the posters for all their friends and family to see.

I think that's a wrap of the party!  Again, thank you for looking.  It's a good thing my kids' birthdays are a good four months apart because I am going to need a rest!


  1. Love the disco balls everywhere...nice touch!


  2. WOW!!! You go all out for your parties!!! Everything looks absolutely beautiful!!! I'm sure Grace loved everything!!! Love all of your parties!!!

  3. Absolutely stunning - I wish I was 7 years old again!