Sunday, May 8, 2011

Enchanted Prom Birthday Party - Part I, The Favors

Happy 7th Birthday to Grace!  It's hard to believe that almost one year ago, Grace decided she was going to have a "prom" birthday party.  We happened to be out to dinner during prom season and the restaurant where we were dining was full of prom goers.  That was Grace's first introduction to "prom" and she was in glittery tulle heaven!  After gawking through dinner, she informed me that for her 7th birthday, she wanted a prom theme.  So it was set - literally a year ago. 

Flash forward one year later and if it was a prom she wanted, a prom she got!  This was such a fun party to plan.  Grace inspired most of the decoration and activities.  I wanted to make sure that the theme was still age appropriate so I used the concept of the prom theme to make sure it stayed geared to 7 year olds.  We ended up with an "Enchanted Prom." 

Three things were the inspiration for the party:  disco balls, sparkle and these adorable invitations my cousin Amy created for Grace:

There were so many parts to this party that I'm going to have to break it down to 4 or 5 posts, so stay tuned...  But before I feature the favors in this post, I have to feature the birthday girl.

Grace wanted sparkle and tulle for her dress.  I did not want to spend a ton of money on it though.  So, I looked on eBay and found quite a few dresses all around $20 for her to choose from.  In the end, the one she chose was adorable!  I'm pretty sure it was from China, but as long as he doesn't eat it, I think it will be okay!

My Aunt is a professional photographer - Debbie Daanen Photography.  She let us use the photo background and pillar wall for our prom pictures.  It was a perfect backdrop for the party.  More pics of the prom photo ops coming in a later post.

I LOVE these pictures!  These are SO Grace.  The cake was from a local baker, The Tasteful Cake.  Her cakes are AMAZING and delicious.  She makes yummy gluten-free cakes!  More pics of the cake to come as well.

Favors for the Boys

We had a few boys in attendance and certainly they would not have been too impressed with tiaras and diamond rings.  Instead, of the "prom girl" from the invitation for the inspiration for their favors, I used the disco ball.  They received a paper pom boutonniere, disco ball ornament, sequined bow-tie, Prom King sash, and "Prom Wheels" (a.k.a. Hot Wheels).  I put all the favors in a top hat that I added a sequined ribbon to the brim and then placed it in a black cardboard serving dish from Hobby Lobby.  I added a disco ball with each of their names and a bow tie under the label.

For each of the kids, I made them a personalized "fancy glass."  I found the acrylic cups at Target after Christmas on clearance.  I used puffy paint to write each child's name.  I put a disco ball on the stem of each glass.  For the boys, I added a bow tie with puffy paint on the base of the glass.

Favors for the Girls

My inspiration for this table was this gorgeous table from Amy at Blowout Party, and of course the prom girl.  Rather than giving the girls a pre-made container of goodies, I thought it would be fun to display the favors and let the girls each fill their buckets :)  The background for this table is two ruffle shower curtains from Simply French Market on Etsy.  The tablecloth is from Sweet Tea and Linen, also on Etsy.  Labels from Posh Pixels on Etsy.

You will have to forgive the quality of the pictures.  I did not hire a professional photographer for the party.

For the girls' corsages, I only fluffed half of the pom and then took elastic and tied it to the pom. 

Prom gloves from the $1 aisle at Target.  I placed them in a cello bag and put a topper on the bag.

I found these buckets at Hobby Lobby for each of the girls.  I took the prom girl and cropped it for a silhouette picture and added each girls' name.  I then cut out the picture using my Silhouette cutter.  I added a little bling to the top and then clipped them to the buckets with a hair clip I made using a pre-made felt flower from Hobby Lobby that I hot-glued to an alligator clip.

Like the boys, I also made personalized glasses for each of the girls for their prom punch.

This party was as much fun to plan as it was to hold.  Stay tuned for later posts featuring the sweets table, kids' party activities and more decorations!


  1. Your girly prom favor table took my breath away, Melissa! I absolutely love it...can't wait to see more photos from Grace's party. So pretty!!

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  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words!

  8. I toasted you today; come grab a button!!

  9. Wow, Melissa! You did an amazing job! Not a detail missed...all while working too?! You are amazing, my lawyer/mommy/party girl friend! :-)

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