Sunday, May 8, 2011

Enchanted Prom Birthday Party - Part II, The Sweets Table

Part II of the Enchanted Prom Birthday Party posts features the Sweets Table and a few other goodies from the Enchanted Prom Party.  (See Part I here.)  I used a lot of my favorite vendors for the goodies, a few new ones and even tried a few DIY treats.  I don't even want to start calculating the calories on the table!

Custom Banner - Peas and Thank You's
Grace LOVES anything glittery and sparkly; hence the sequined fabric background.  When I purchased the fabric, she almost could not contain herself.  The glittery bows are from Target, purchased after Christmas for 75% off!  I found them in the outdoor holiday decor section.  The "drapes" are netting panels from IKEA.  The beaded branches are from Tag that I purchased ridiculously cheap on Zulily as part of their Valentine's Day clearance.  I found the mirrors at Hobby Lobby and spray painted them white as they were black when I found them.  More details below.

I followed A to Zebra's DIY instructions to make a tulle table skirt found here.  Unfortunately I did not have enough fabric to make it as full as I wanted, but in the end it worked fine.

Favor Bags

Favor Bags - The Sugar Diva

A close up of the favor labels:

 The Cake

I confess - I'm IN LOVE with ribbon cakes.  I think they are so gorgeous and elegant.  So, I picked Grace's birthday cake - yes, bad mom for not letting the birthday girl decide.  I don't feel so bad as she chose a Dairy Queen blizzard cake for her actual birthday.  This cake was as delicious as it was gorgeous.  The pictures do not do it justice - the cake had a slight shimmer that made it even more beautiful!

I met Melissa of The Tasteful Cake this past September when I went on Grace's field trip.  Her son happens to be in Grace's class.  What a chance meeting!  She has been a real great help and it is so great to work with such talent!

Cake bunting - TomKat Studios.

The Cupcakes
Paper cups - Shop Sweet Lulu

Custom fondant cupcake toppers (to coordinate with the invitation) - Two Sugar Babies

 Whirly Pops
For a "how to" on this hat box, see here.
Hat Box - Hobby Lobby
Whirly Pops - Candy Warehouse

 Kandy Kones

Cupcake Towers (turned into treat holders) - Meri Meri from Make it Mine Parties

Prom Attire Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies - Happy Cookies

French Macrons

French Macrons - The Tasteful Cake

Cake Pops
I LOVE the cake pop trend, but I am no Bakerella and let's face it, I broke the budget on this party so I wasn't going to pay for cake pops.  But, I still wanted them!  After I read a review of the babycakes Cake Pop Maker, I thought even I could do that!  So I gave it a whirl, and it was much easier than I thought.  I know they are not "true" cake pops, but the kids loved them (and so did the adults!)

Chocolate Popcorn
So yummy and so easy - another DIY treat.  Pop three cups (unpopped) popcorn and salt to taste.  Place in a large container.  Melt 1 bag Wilton white chocolate melts.  Poor over popcorn and stir well.  Spread out on a cookie sheet to cool.  Store in an air-tight container. 

Prom Lunches  
 Gable Boxes - eBay
Grace decided she wanted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for her friend birthday party.  I did not argue with that choice!  I was able to make the sandwiches the night before.  In addition to the sandwiches, each girl "dined" on grapes (also bagged in individual servings the night before) and a healthy baked chip option.  Due to dietary needs of some of the girls, I labeled each girl's lunch so that they received the correct lunch (and the gable boxes look much cuter!)

 Prom Punch
What is a prom without punch?  Thanks to my mom, I had a "vintage" punch bowl at my disposal!  I made the "ice ring" using a heart cake pan.  I placed 7-up, pineapple juice, pineapple, cherry juice, cherries and lemons in the pan and let it freeze over night.

For the prom-goers who didn't like the punch (including Grace!), I also had a 7 year-old's favorite- the classic Kool-Aid.  When the adults showed up later in the afternoon, the punch turned into true prom punch as it somehow got "spiked :)"

Thanks for looking at all the pictures in this post.  Coming next, the prom activities...


  1. I can't even imagine that you have MORE to share with us! What a gorgeous party, Grace is such a lucky little girl. Happy birthday Grace!!

  2. Looks AWESOME! Love the sequin back drop. You nailed all the details girl!


  3. Thank you everyone for your kind comments!

  4. Wow, Melissa! You did an amazing job! Not a detail missed...all while working too?! You are amazing, my lawyer/mommy/party girl friend! :-)

  5. I have to say awesome job!!! I am searching for ideas online for my little girl 2nd bday and your party has been the best ... thanks for posting :)