Sunday, October 6, 2013

{Real Party} All Wisconsin Boy Sports Party - Football and Baseball Sweets Table

It seems a party is not complete these days without a sweets table.  We've all seen very elaborate, intricate, works of arts sweets tables.  Don't get me wrong, I love a beautiful sweets table.  However, we were working on a budget this time and I wasn't going to be able to have works of art for cookies or designer cakes.  Instead, I made all the treats my self for Ethan's table (except the Packer chocolates). Nothing fancy.  Sometimes I think the less pretty, the more yummy.  Who really likes fondant frosting anyway?  And really, do painted cookies taste good?
For this table, I used the same concept for the table backdrop as I did for the favor table - using the the fan/crowd backdrop from Shindigz as well as some more DIY elements tying the baseball and football theme together.   It was actually Ethan's idea for the lineup and schedule.  As I said in an earlier post, he was quite the party planner with his ideas :)  I used black foam boards from the dollar store, white tape from the back to school section and then put my Silhouette to work!  The names for the lineup were all Ethan's friends and cousins.  They loved seeing their names on the board. 
The decor for the table was budget friendly as well.  All of the helmets were already in Ethan's chest of sports items.  And a Wisconsin party would not be completed without a cheesehead.  No, we don't wear them in Wisconsin contrary to the stereotype (but most people do own one for fun.)  The pennants and printables were from the team spirit printables collection from Amanda Parker at Amanda's Parties to Go.  They were fabulous!  I found the foam fingers at Shindigz party supply store.  And, the wire baskets were found at the dollar store.  As with the table skirt on the favor table, I also made this skirt using dollar store craft paper and some work from my Silhouette.  The green lines were hand painted (don't look too close!)
One thing that I confirmed in doing these sweets is that I detest making cakes.  I am happy to do time intense crafts.  But making a cake is torture for me.  That will be well worth the price for the next party to have someone make it.  And, as you can see, I'm no pro!




  1. This looks AMAZING Melissa! You never miss a single detail. Just perfect! Sharing on FB!