Sunday, October 6, 2013

{Real Party} All Wisconsin Boy Sports Party - Football and Baseball Activities

Not too  many 6 year old boys are party planners.  My Ethan is definitely my son - he's got lots of party planning ideas when it came to his All Wisconsin Boy 6th Birthday Party.  He had ideas of decorations, and most certainly the activities.  While not the most flashy part of the party, it's the most important.  Most 6 year old don't care what sweets tables look like or if the centerpieces match the theme.  They just want to have fun.  And fun we had!

We incorporated the "Lambeau Leap" and infamous "Jump Around" from Camp Randall with a bouncy house that we rented.  It's about the third time I've rented a bouncy house for Ethan's birthday party and it has not gotten old for him.  He loves them!  I used the team spirit printables collection from Amanda Parker at Amanda's Parties to Go for the signs. 

Ethan absolutely wanted a football field and a baseball field.  Luckily my husband has had some experience in chalking lines for fields and was able to make Ethan's wish come true.  He even cut the lawn lower for every other yard line to make it stick out like the pros.  It may not have been the hallowed Frozen Tundra, but it was great in Ethan's eyes!  We used the field to have our own "Sausage Races" - using potato sacks for the "sausages."  The kids had a blast!!!!


Not only did Ethan get his own football field, but a baseball field as well!  The kids had a great time playing wiffle ball on the field.  Even the littlest little ones got into the game.

For those of you who are familiar with the Milwaukee Brewers, the team mascot - Bernie Brewer - slides down a slide in the outfield when a Brewer player hits a home run.  I put a sign by our own slide (which was even the same color) and we had our own Bernie's Slide.

Another request from Ethan was a press conference area.  Really, he truly thought of this idea.  I used wrapping paper from each team to simulate the background of a true press conference.  Easy and cheap.  (I used the same wrapping paper for the table coverings.)

To make the press conference microphone stand, I found microphones at the dollar store and a tin pan from the dollar store.  My husband took a cardboard ring and cut out spaces for each microphone  A little hot glue and some black paint and you have yourself a microphone cradle for a press conference!


Ethan's imagination was in overdrive for this party.  He also asked for a locker.  Not sure how I was going to do that.  When I stumbled on this empty box at work, I instantly thought of Ethan's locker.  The box was so sturdy, my husband literally had to use a saw to cut the one side out. We used the side he cut out for the shelves.  I had hooks left from our ice cream party that we screwed into the box.  The paint was left over from Ethan's bedroom.  All of the locker props were already owned by Ethan.  Not a bad locker for being free!


What's party without a photo area?  I love photo areas.  I found the foam fingers and pom poms from Shindigz as well as the backdrop.  Although, I have to say, I do think differently about foam fingers these days....

Ethan's shirt from This Pretty on Etsy.

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