Saturday, May 4, 2013

{Real Party} Camp Arts and Crafts - Trail Mix Table

I'm back with the second post from Grace's Camp Arts and Crafts party.  This post features our DIY Trail Mix bar.  What is a camp party without trail mix?  This was such a fun thing for the kids.
The backdrop for the table was lots of paper chains.  These took FOREVER to make but turned out so cute.  I envisioned Grace and I would make them together, but that lasted about 6 links into the first chain :)  I wanted to keep the theme of camp arts and crafts going with this table so we continued the rainbow color scheme with lots of DIY touches.  I also continued the paper fan theme by adding a few to the crates for some interest.
The banner was made from hand-cut burlap pennants that I glued together with red pom pom trim.  I painted unfinished letters I found at Hobby Lobby.  A prize to the first person who notices something a little odd with "Trail Mix" :)
I hot glued sticks to a piece of wood I had decoupaged wood print fabric on to make the "Camp Grace" sign.  We used Mason Jars that I tied a wood disc to for the kids to label their jars.  I used the same discs to label the jars for the trail mix ingredients. 


Jars - Ikea
Wood Discs - Head Change, Etsy
Printables - Dimple Prints
Grace's dress - Gymboree
Grace's headband - Pirouettes and Ponytails, Etsy
Grace's necklace - Create Outside the Box, Etsy


  1. Looks like the "I" in trail is actually the number 1. :-)

    1. You are correct :). I had it painted before I realized it was a "1". Oh well :)

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