Saturday, May 4, 2013

{Real Party} Camp Arts and Crafts - the Sweets Table

If this blog were a child, I think I'd be reported for neglect...  It's been quite a while.  For those still following, thank you.  When I looked at my blog dashboard, I was shocked to see 200 followers!!!  Wow!!!  Thank you all. 
I'm back to feature Grace's 9th Birthday Party.  When I asked her what she wanted to do for her party, she said she wanted to do arts and crafts.  I love, love, love the rainbow arts and crafts parties that are so popular right now so I was all in for this theme.  To add our own twist, we made it Camp Grace Arts and Crafts. 
I enlisted the help of Carli from Dimple Prints to try to customize printables for the party.  She is SO amazing and came through with an amazing idea.  We turned her camp printables into camp arts and crafts printables, using a rainbow color scheme.  They were perfect!
Before I get to the sweets table, here is a quick overview of the party.
Sweets Table
Trail Mix Bar
Arts and Crafts Station

Rainbow Noodles

Party Favors

Photo Backdrop

The Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday Grace!

Back to featuring our sweets table.  This was almost completely DIY from the backdrop to the sweets.  The only thing I did not make was the cake.  One splurge!  The paper fans took me FOREVER to complete.  I think I gave myself arthritis folding all that paper back and forth.  However, the impact on the table was well worth it! 


Grace's dress - Gymboree
Grace's headband - Pirouettes and Ponytails, Etsy
Grace and Melissa's necklaces - Create Outside the Box, Etsy
Cake - Monzu Bakery
Printables - Dimple Prints


  1. Oh my! Oh MY! OH MY!!!!!!
    i wanna party just like this! who cares if i am in my 40's?!?!
    just. plain. AWESOME!!!

  2. Awww!!! I love this! Your family is so cute and festive!