Thursday, May 9, 2013

{Real Party} Camp Arts and Crafts - Arts and Crafts Oh My!

 Our next post features the arts and crafts of the Camp Arts and Crafts party.  This was a ton of fun for the girls! 

Arts and crafts was Grace's pick for a party.  Not sure if there are other 9 year old girls out there that ask to do a arts and crafts project at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday or Sunday morning...  The girl lives for projects!

In putting together the activities, I wanted to stick with camp themed arts and crafts.  Luckily I could remember back to my Girl Scout days of going away to camp and the arts and crafts projects we did to get my ideas moving.

I assembled all of the projects on one table and used plastic table cloths to drape behind.  The printables are from Dimple Prints.

Grace is in Girl Scouts herself this year.  I think that was her inspiration to come up with the idea of having a sash for each girl and having each girl adhere a sticker to the sash as they completed their art projects.  I found arts and crafts badges online to adhere to the sashes for each girl.  Of course we had to have rainbow sashes to go with our theme!
Here are some of the arts and crafts projects we did:
God's Eyes or Dream Catchers

Sand Art

Rainbow Noodle Necklaces

Tie-Dyed Sailor Bracelets
(inspiration from Jac o' lyn Murphy)


Paint a Canvas
Grace decided that she did not want her friends to bring her presents for the party, but that she wanted to collect blankets for Project Linus. Project Linus is a non-profit organization that provides hand-made blankets to children in need. It's an amazing organization! In addition to collecting donations, We decided to make a blanket with her friends at the party to give to Project Linus as well. It was  touching to see the girls working together to make the blanket.

To carry the theme to the tables, I covered the tables in Kraft paper from the Dollar Store and placed markers, pencils and crayons on the tables to let the campers create some masterpieces.  They thought it was the greatest thing to draw on the Kraft paper! 


Thanks for looking!  I'd be happy to provide anyone with a how-to for any of our arts and crafts.

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