Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Carnival Party Part III - Carnival Sweets

Up next on the list of featured items from our carnival party, a traditional favorite, the sweets table!  This table was so fun to do!

The centerpiece of the table was of course the beautiful cake from The Tasteful Cake, but also, my favorite Ung Drill frame from Ikea that I spray painted light blue.  I removed the glass, wrapped the cardboard backing with red and white polka dot and then attached with hot glue a cardboard "E" that I also spray painted blue.  Using my Dimple Prints printables, I made a mini-bunting to drape across the E.

The "drapes" for the background were two $5 tablecloths I found at Target this summer.  I love using tablecloths and shower curtains for table backdrops!  The "drape" "tie-backs" was also from the Dimple Prints printables - a small bunting.  The balloons are from Oh Goodie Designs

The topper for the cake was a wire "Ferris wheel" I found at JoAnn's during the Easter season.  I'm pretty sure it was meant to hold Easter Eggs.  It was yellow and blue when I found it.  I spray painted it red, added some bunting and gumballs and magic - a carnival themed cake topper!  I love how the cake that Melissa from The Tasteful Cake turned out!  She is so talented and can make a gluten-free cake taste delicious!

These adorable cookies are from my my gal, Christine of Happy Cookies.  Not only are the adorable, but they are absolutely delicious!

I tried my hand at the cake pops.  I've made them before and had better luck.  Not sure why I had so much difficulty with them this time.  I added tickets as flags to the sticks to continue with the "ticket" theme.

In planning for this party, I stumbled across Vintage Confections.  Oh my goodness - these custom lollipops did not disappoint.  As delicious as they were adorable!  I know its not as pretty for the picture with the bags on the lollipops, but I didn't want them to attract the flies and bees :)

For the cupcakes, I found the cute clowns at Fancy Flours.  I then made the paper fan cupcake toppers, adding the tickets and the red poms.

Here are some shots of the rest of the sweet goodies on the table :)

Thanks for looking!  Up next - how to make a DIY Refrigerator Box Ticket Booth!


  1. Omg, just seen this and WOW!!! Melissa you did an amazing job, seriously!!! I had to share on my FB page, hope that's ok? :) I'm in AWWW!

  2. Thank you my dear. Of course you can share :)

  3. Great job as usual! Carli-DimplePrints

  4. Amazing!! Where did you get the carousel for the cake?

    1. The carousel was from Joann fabrics last year at Easter time.

  5. Hi- amazing! Great job! Where did you find the big letter E from?

  6. Great job!! Just wondering what you used to hang the ung drill frame? I always want to use one but don't want any holes in the wall!