Monday, September 19, 2011

Carnival Party Part I - Photo Booth

As I mentioned in the previous post, we celebrated Ethan's 4th birthday with a carnival extravaganza!  I have been planning this party since last year when Ethan and I decided we were going to have a carnival for his 4th birthday - yes last year is what I wrote :)

I saw Anders Ruff's adorable carnival printables featured on their blog.  I have been in love with the blue/red color combo for a while and have always loved anything vintage.  I loved shabby chic before it was chic :)  I knew that their printables would fit the party perfectly.  ...And then...I found just as adorable printables from Dimple Prints that also matched the party theme and had to have those too!  Yes, I am a printable addict.  The first step is admitting...

I realize carnival parties are all over the place these days - hosting one probably won't get me featured on the big party websites.  I've come to terms with that - I really wanted to have a party that celebrated Ethan and his sweet, kind, warm heart.  So, a fun, (perhaps over the top) carnival party it was.  And let me tell you, it was!!!  When he looked at me with his dimpled grin and gave me the thumbs up, I knew I did good :) 

Given that this party was all about fun and the kids, I wanted to start this week of posts with one of the most fun things from the party - the Photo Booth.  The photo booth set the tone for the party - fun, whimsical and silly.  The kids had a blast dressing up for the camera and hamming it up.  I'll list the sources at the end of the post, but I'm sorry to say I do not remember where I found the red polka dot fabric. 

Hand held photo booth props - Little Retreats
Carnival photo booth props - Target dollar aisle
Photo frames - Hobby Lobby clearance aisle
Ring Leader Stand Up - Oriental Trading
Photo Booth Banner - Charmed Beginnings
Balloons - Oh Goodie Designs
Ethan and Grace's shirts - Izzy B Designs
Clown noses - Oriental Trading

Thank you for looking!  Next up - the Prize Table :)


  1. I'm not one of those "big" party websites but I totally love everything you do and you know I will feature you once I see all the pics!!

    Maddycakes Muse

  2. I love your work! You are amazing!

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