Sunday, September 4, 2011

A boy and his tractor...

I think I may have mentioned in a post or two that we are so fortunate to have a professional photographer in the family.  My Aunt Debbie is one of the best in these parts.  Check out her work here:  Debbie Daanen Photography.  She recently hired on one of the best up and coming photographers as well, Ashley Schmit.  Needless to say, my walls are full supported by lots and lots of pictures!  I can not say enough how blessed we are.

As most moms out there know, it is much easier coming up with cute, adorable ideas for little girls' pictures.  Grace has had all the cute ones - the petti skirt, the ballet pictures, the tea party pictures.  But when it comes to little boys, the ideas are just not as many, and usually not as cute.

This year however, I scored!  My family has had a Ford tractor in the family for over 70 years.  My great grandfather owned the tractor when he had a small farm.  He passed it on to my Papa Pat who then passed it on to my Uncle Jamie, Debbie's husband.  That tractor is really part of our family. Some of my fondest memories of my Papa Pat is him driving that tractor. 

So, as I lay awake wondering what I could do for Ethan's 4 year pictures this year, it hit me - the tractor!  And let me tell you, I think the tractor may have found it's way to the next generation.  Ethan was so excited to be on that tractor.  It probably helped that my Uncle Jamie let him drive it down the driveway to where Aunt Debbie wanted it for the pictures.  All the way down the driveway, he was yelling, "Yee Haw!  Ya Hoo!"  He LOVED it.  And, it meant so much to me that Ethan had his picture with his Great Great Grandpa's tractor.  I know my Papa Pat was smiling down that day!

Debbie graciously allowed me to share a few of the pictures on Buckets of Grace.  If you have a chance, check out her work, and if you are in the area, give her a call. 

This one is my FAVORITE!  That grin and that twinkle in his eye is SO Ethan!

Only two weeks to go until my baby turns four.  I better get to losing that baby weight.  I'm thinking by the time he starts pre-school, I can't be claiming it as baby weight :)  Enjoy your weekend!

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