Thursday, September 1, 2011

Buckets of New News...

It has been a while since I posted last...and for good reason...  Things have been a changin' here at our house.  Despite all of the awful things that have been happening here in Wisconsin since February, some guardian angel has been watching over us...  I am very fortunate that I was given an opportunity to take my job paying career in a new direction.  I started a new job this week.  As a result, I may not be posting as much but hope to continue to do the things I love, which include party plan and blog...  I truly believe everything in life happens for a reason - we may not like it, but it does.  So, I am embracing this change and challenge and looking forward to the new opportunities.

Speaking of change... As of today, I officially have a 2nd grader!  I've seen all the cute printables out there for back-to-school pics.  They are adorable!!!  However, I had to stick with my traditional blackboard for our back-to-school pictures.  Every year, I take Grace's picture in front of the front door so we can see from the beginning of school to the end of school and from school year to school year just how much she has grown.  The 9 month difference is truly remarkable.

1st Grade - 2010-11                                   2nd Grade - 2011-12
Grace insisted on picking out her own back-to-school outfit this year.  I came to terms with my control-freak nature and reconciled not being able to pick out some adorable matchy-matchy outfit from Gymboree and relented.  Sometimes letting them grow up is hard to do.  Grace picked out her own outfit and insisted on her first pair of skinny jeans from Gap.  Little did we know when we bought the outfit in July that it would be 90 degrees in Wisconsin on September 1st.  Despite the hot temps, Grace insisted on wearing those skinny jeans.  I was afraid she'd pass out from the jeans being tight, but add on the heat and I was really worried :)  So, I made her pack a pair of shorts in case she felt like she was going to pass out in the middle of gym class.  She refused to give in though and wore them all day...

Ethan starts pre-school next week, so no fancy outfit for him.  He had to go with his Packer shirt to support a Packer victory tonight.  He'll wear his "handsome" shirt next week he tells me.  So here is to a great school year, new beginnings and new opportunities.  May you all have a great year!

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  1. Congrats on the new job and such adorable kids and pictures!