Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Elf on the Shelf - {Real Ideas}

Our Elf on the Shelf came to us 3 years ago.  The kids affectionately and creatively named him Elfie.  He came long before the cute skirts hit the shelves to create a female version, long before the movie and long before the website, "Elf on the Shelf" gone bad.

Elfie's arrival was pretty exciting.  The kids would wake up eagerly each morning to find his whereabouts.  His first two years of visiting us were pretty mundane.  Elfie would find inconspicuous spots to hide in the house to watch Grace and Ethan during the day and fly off to Santa at night.  No antics, no hoopla, just hiding.

Then this year, Elfie returned - with an attitude and spunk.  It seems Elfie was just satisfied hiding around the house.  Elfie comes to visit on St. Nicholas night (December 5th.)  For you non-Catholics out there, here is some background on the celebration of St. Nicholas.

Here are some snapshots of Elfie's antics.  With only a few nights left with us, we are looking forward to what Elfie will surprise us with next :)

Elfie's arrival - roasting marshmallows and a note from Santa.

Fishing for some good kids.

Learning the fine art of toilet papering trees.

All tied up by the Army Men
Taking Rudolph for a little ride.
Just hanging around.
Zip lining across the dining room.

Doing a little reading of Jingle Bells.

Getting an "elficure."

Praying with the Holy Family for the lives lost in Newtown Connecticut.

Protecting and Serving.

Getting a good night's rest.

Pumping some iron.

All set for the Midwest Blizzard - snow spoon in hand and snowman built!

Elfie sure has a great personality.  We will miss him when he flies home with Santa in a few days.  Enjoy these last few days prepping for the holidays.

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  1. what fun and creative ideas. I wish we would have done it, but time slipped away from me so we will have to start it next year:)