Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gingerbread Party Sweets

I'm back sharing some of the sweets from out Gingerbread Party with you.  These treats are not just for Gingerbread parties but would make great sweat treats for any holiday party.  And to make it even "sweeter," they are really simple to make! 
First, here are some pictures of the sweets display - no sweets table.  I just used my ladder shelf I have in my dining room.


Up first, these adorable Santa Hat chocolate cake bites.

These were so simple to make!  I simply made mini chocolate cake cupcakes and topped them with cream cheese frosting.  I then added a strawberry to the top of the frosting and piped on a little cream cheese frosting for the top of the hat.  They were little bites of heaven!

When time and budgets are tight, I am a huge fan of store bought treats!  These Santa face treats were store bought pre-packaged brownie treats.  I am mourning the loss of Hostess, but there are still several alternatives out there.  I simply unwrapped these faces and stuck them on a stick.  Easy peasy!

And finally, a little more intricate, my hot chocolate cupcakes.  Here was my inspiration from Hoosier Homemade.  See her site for the amazing recipe :)  I made mine using Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix.

Pinned Image

Here was my interpretation:

 I made all these treats the night before the party and they kept amazingly well.  However, candy canes do not do well in the refrigerator.  I'd wait to add those to the end.

By the way - did you notice all my white Christmas village houses?  I purchased the houses from the Dollar Store and spray painted them white and then added a little spray glitter.  It took SEVERAL coats of white paint - I didn't think they'd ever cover.  But in the end, they turned out pretty cute.  I'm going to use them in my Christmas decorating :)

Thanks for taking a look at our sweets.  I'll be back to share some more DIY tips from our Gingerbread party!

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