Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gingerbread party with a Hot Chocolate Bar

Hello!  It's been quite a while.  Lots going on here at Buckets of Grace.  Holidays + New Job the First of the Year + Busy Kids + Crazy Busy Current Job = No Blogging.  But alas, I'm back to share a sneak peak of our Gingerbread Party.  This year, we had a Hot Chocolate Bar to add fun to the festivities.  Let's just say the kiddos left full of sugar.

I'm going to be at Maddycakes Muse sharing our party.  But here is a sneak peak :)  No professional photographs. Fair warning - the lighting was really bad in our house as it was very dark outside.
I tried to tie in a "Santa Hat" theme to the party. Most of the decorations I reused from our party last year. You can see that here. I added some Santa hats to our decor from last year to tie the gingerbread and Santa hat theme together. The new decorations I found at Target last year the day after Christmas on clearance. The printables are from Anders Ruff.


I made the Santa hat topiaries using the honeycomb Santa hats from Target. I put a dowel in the middle of the hat that I had wrapped with ribbon. I put a small hole in the top of the gift box to put the dowel through. To secure the dowel in the box, I hot glued a piece of foam to the top of the cover of the box. So simple to make and they turned out really cute!

I attempted to make my own hot chocolate on a stick. Unfortunately, mine did not turn out as cute as the others I was inspired by. Fortunately, it tasted great! I would highly recommend making hot chocolate this way. All you need is warm milk and pop the hot chocolate on a stick in the mug and it melts to hot chocolate goodness!

I made these chocolate spoons by dipping wooden spoons in melted white chocolate chips and then sprinkled crushed peppermint on them. I used Washi Tape to decorate the spoon handles.


I made these favors using containers from the Target dollar aisle. In total, the cost about $2.75 to put together. You can find these pre-assembled at many stores for triple the price. They were so easy to do and made a great favor!

(Yes, it was a Packer game today - Sorry Bear fans :)

Come visit me at Maddycakes Muse for more pics of our party and lots of fun tips!

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  1. Oh SO adorable! I love all the details and it all looks so yummy! :)