Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last Minute Halloween Sweet Treats

Nothing like last minute!  Here are two really easy last minute ideas for a quick but cute Halloween teacher gift and a quick and cute classroom treat idea.

I've had these clear "paint cans" sitting around my craft room for a while.  I seem to "collect" things and then don't want to use them because I'm saving them for that perfect craft/gift idea.  After coming across the same paint cans (albeit a little smaller) at Target in the dollar section, I decided I can start to use mine :)  I decided to use them for a little Halloween gift for the kids' teachers.

First, I made a 3" scallop punch and a 2" scallop punch and then shellacked it on the cover.  I added a little "bling" for a little extra touch. 

Then, using my Silhouette, I cut out "boo" and added it to the front of the paint can.  Here they are unfilled:

I made a label for each paint can.  This one says, "Thank you for being so sweet!  No tricks, just treats!  Lots of kisses, Grace" 

I filled the paint can with a package of Hershey kisses.

 For a Halloween classroom treat, my mom came across this idea for Halloween "S'mores."  All you need are mini-Hershey bars, Halloween ghost peeps and graham crackers.  I found the bags at Hobby Lobby - much easier than printing my own bag toppers and cutting all the paper myself!  And, they were pretty inexpensive.  I then printed tags that said, "S'more Ghostly Hugs" and used my 2" scallop punch to cut them out.  I glued the tags to the bag toppers and presto - cute treats!

I hope you and your family have a safe, fun and happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Blues Coated with Candy Corn

As much as I'm trying not to admit it, I have the Halloween Blues this year...  As I wound down our fun, fun, fun 2010 Halloween party, the wheels were already spinning as to what I would do to top it.  I immediately settled on a candy corn theme - long before it seemed to be "the" theme this year...  I collected lots and lots of cute candy corn items as Halloween 2010 closed it's doors (on super clearance of course) in anticipation of the fun that Halloween 2011 would bring!

And then February happened...  Due to all of that upheaval and the changes that have resulted, I've had to put our cute candy corn themed Halloween party on the shelf for this year.  To say I am disappointed doesn't really quite capture it... 

Nonetheless, I am still collecting candy corn ideas for Halloween 2012.  Hopefully I'll be able to turn my Halloween Blues into candy corn sometime soon!  Here are some of the ideas I've collected:

Adorable centerpiece (and tasty!)  adorable wreath White: Yogurt-covered raisins, Yogurt Burst Cheerios TM, mini marshmallows, M&Ms TM or other white candy  Yellow: Original Goldfish TM, Kix TM, Corn Pops TM or other cereal (aside: for some reason King Vitamin TM just popped into my head. Anyone? No? OK.)  Orange: Cheddar Goldfish TM, Cheese Balls, Cheez-Its TM, M&Ms TM or pumpkin candy corns  Brown: Chocolate Graham Goldfish TM, Whoppers TM, M&Ms TM or chocolate-covered raisins
Source                                        Source                                       Source
Mmmmm.... Yum.  And gluten free :) love these apples - yummy!  candy corn kisses, candy corn taffy, candy corn - love a candy corn bar :) 
Source                                         Source                                      Source        
candy corn topiaries  wreaths and candles :)  Candy corn pretzels
Source                                        Source                                        Source

Another great idea for candy corn.  candy corn lollipops!  Candy Corn Smoothie
Source                                        Source                                        Source
candy corn party...  candy corn sign  Candy Corn Mousse.
Source                                         Source                                        Source       
Candy Corn Bark.  candy corn game   Candy Corn Meringues
Source                                        Source                                         Source
Candy Corn Marshmallows  Candy Corn Tree  Candy corn cupcakes
Source                                         Source                                        Source

Candy Corn Garland!   Candy Corn Parfait
Source                                         Source                                       Source 
candy corn spheres  Candy Corn Krispies  Candy Corn pumpkins
Source                                         Source                                       Source 
Candy Corn fudge  Candy Corn Wreath  Candy Corn Fudge!
Source                                   Source                                         Source



Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Carnival Party Part VII - Carnival DIY Decor

My last post of our carnival extravaganza!  First, I want to say a HUGE thank you to three of my absolute favorite party girls for featuring out party.  A HUGE shout-out to Amy at Blowout Party, Kristy at The Purple Pug and Michelle at Maddycakes Muse for spotlighting the party.  These are some of the NICEST ladies in the biz who keep it real and are a huge inspiration.  So thank you!

And now, on to the show.  The last post from the party features my DIY decor.  I think most of us party gals strive to be like her Highness Martha in some respects.  I'm no different.  If I can do it myself (even if it sometimes means more time and money) I welcome the challenge!  This party was no different.

I made centerpieces for the tables, but do it the wind, I had to stick them on a table that was out of the wind.
Stuck in the centerpieces were printables from the Dimple Prints package, pennants that were Christmas ornaments at Kohl's last Christmas, mustaches, "E" suckers, tickets, clown noses and pinwheels.  I used a container from the dollar aisle at Target I found this summer.

The letters spelling "Ethan" were originally pink from Hobby Lobby that I spray painted red.  Lots, and lots of spray paint was sacrificed for this party :)  Sadly, I dropped them when I was cleaning up for the party and they are no more :(

For the backdrop for the Nacho Bar table, I used paper fans from a 4th of July package from Party City and the paper fans I had left over from our Valentine's Day breakfast.

Using glass vases I already owned, I took tickets and wrapped them around the vases, topped the vases with ribbon and added some roses from our gardens.

For the backdrop for the gift table, I used the banner from the Dimple Prints printable package and added two of my favorite things of the party, the custom carnival poster my dear friend Betsy at Belly Feathers made for the party.  She is another of my favorite party girls :)

Finally, every year I make a poster for the kids, sticking to the party theme featuring one picture from each month of the year to show their interests, quirks and cuteness and how they've changed during the year.  My grand plan is to save the posters and use them at their graduations :)

I'll be honest, this party was a TON of work.  Starting a new job less than 2 weeks prior to the party made things a little more stressful.  But the smile on Ethan's face was so worth every late night getting ready.  I would do it again in a heartbeat!  Thank goodness birthdays only come once a year though!  Thanks for looking!