Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Blues Coated with Candy Corn

As much as I'm trying not to admit it, I have the Halloween Blues this year...  As I wound down our fun, fun, fun 2010 Halloween party, the wheels were already spinning as to what I would do to top it.  I immediately settled on a candy corn theme - long before it seemed to be "the" theme this year...  I collected lots and lots of cute candy corn items as Halloween 2010 closed it's doors (on super clearance of course) in anticipation of the fun that Halloween 2011 would bring!

And then February happened...  Due to all of that upheaval and the changes that have resulted, I've had to put our cute candy corn themed Halloween party on the shelf for this year.  To say I am disappointed doesn't really quite capture it... 

Nonetheless, I am still collecting candy corn ideas for Halloween 2012.  Hopefully I'll be able to turn my Halloween Blues into candy corn sometime soon!  Here are some of the ideas I've collected:

Adorable centerpiece (and tasty!)  adorable wreath White: Yogurt-covered raisins, Yogurt Burst Cheerios TM, mini marshmallows, M&Ms TM or other white candy  Yellow: Original Goldfish TM, Kix TM, Corn Pops TM or other cereal (aside: for some reason King Vitamin TM just popped into my head. Anyone? No? OK.)  Orange: Cheddar Goldfish TM, Cheese Balls, Cheez-Its TM, M&Ms TM or pumpkin candy corns  Brown: Chocolate Graham Goldfish TM, Whoppers TM, M&Ms TM or chocolate-covered raisins
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Mmmmm.... Yum.  And gluten free :) love these apples - yummy!  candy corn kisses, candy corn taffy, candy corn - love a candy corn bar :) 
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candy corn topiaries  wreaths and candles :)  Candy corn pretzels
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Another great idea for candy corn.  candy corn lollipops!  Candy Corn Smoothie
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candy corn party...  candy corn sign  Candy Corn Mousse.
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Candy Corn Bark.  candy corn game   Candy Corn Meringues
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Candy Corn Marshmallows  Candy Corn Tree  Candy corn cupcakes
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Candy Corn Garland!   Candy Corn Parfait
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candy corn spheres  Candy Corn Krispies  Candy Corn pumpkins
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Candy Corn fudge  Candy Corn Wreath  Candy Corn Fudge!
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  1. What great ideas for a halloween party, I love halloween, it has to be my second favourite time of year