Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carnival Party Part VI - Fun and Games

I'm back...  Got side tracked a bit with life...  If only a day had 12 more hours in it :)  Two more posts left from Ethan's Carnival Extravaganza!  Up next to be featured - the fun and games of the carnival.

The centerpiece of the fun and games was the bounce house we rented.  ALL of the kids (even some big ones) had a great time in the bounce house.  If you are debating having one for your little one's party, I highly recommend it :)

I struggled with how I would "label" the games and set them apart from each other.  This spring, I found these really large pinwheels at Hobby Lobby and thought they may work for signs for the games.  I've had more requests for these large pinwheels than anything on this blog!  Hobby Lobby had them this Spring, and they sold out.  I don't know where you'd find them.

I used the invitation template from the Dimple Prints printable package and made signs for each game, hot glued the signs to the sticks and added red pom poms to keep with my subtle "clown nose" theme.  They worked perfect!


For the tin can toss game, I enlisted the help of Anders Ruff to make labels for the tin cans.  I printed them on a sticker sheet and cut them to size.

The grand finale of the party was the arrival of the Happy Ness Clowns.  My husband insisted I not get clowns as he guaranteed the kids would be scared.  Well, they weren't scared of these clowns!  They LOVED them (and so did I!).  Ethan had a great time getting his face painted like Spider Man and getting his Spider Man balloon. It was a great way to end the day!

One more post to come - the DIY decorations of the party :)


  1. Love your game ideas -- all doable (and loads of simple fun!) for kids of all ages.

  2. Isn’t that called a bouncing castle? Anyway, regardless of what you call it, that bounce house is a sure hit to the kids. It’s wonderful to see Ethan having fun on his birthday. Did he have more carnival birthdays on his succeeding birthdays? Carnival birthday parties are something that kids wouldn’t easily get over with. Have a good day!

    Karl Robertson @ Queensland Amusements