Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{Real Party} Look Whoooo's 3!

Amidst the absolutely sweltering heat we are now experiencing here in Wisconsin, my girlfriend Tina held an adorable birthday party for her sweet little guy, Griffin, this past weekend.  She had a lot of super cute DIY touches which prove that moms can put some really great stuff together to make their kids parties special.  I just love her Owl theme!  Here are some of the cute ideas she put together.

The cutie birthday boy Griffin and his adorable sister Olivia.  You can't see all of her dress, but it was adorable!  Griffin's shirt and Olivia's dress are from Etsy.

Tina MADE this centerpiece herself!  She made a tissue pom and then used a Cricut to make the owl and the number 3.  She then attached the owl and the 3 to the pom.  So adorable!!!  I'm trying to convince her to go into business :)

Tina made a poster for Griffin showing a pic or two from each month during the year to show how he changed throughout the year.  (Wonder where she got that idea from :)

How cute is that cake?  Tina has been using the same local baker for all of her kids' parties.  Love it!  And I bet it was yummy!

Okay, so these amazed me!  Tina made these owl cake pops herself (and the sprinkle ones too)!  She used her babycakes cake pop maker and then dipped the cake pops in chocolate, added mini-chocolate chips for the ears, mini M&M's for the hands, dipped the cake pop again and used pieces of a candy necklace for the eyes.  I have to say, she may not be Bakerella, but these are pretty close! 

Great job Tina!  What a great example of some fun, inexpensive and great DIY things ALL moms can do to make their child's birthday party special.  You don't need to be a professional party planner to do some amazing things!

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