Sunday, July 31, 2011

Party Prep for a Party for Adults!

So yes, I am having what some would contend is a politically incorrect party.  But, it wasn't my idea :)  Last October my fabulous hair stylist told me about a Trailer Park Party she was having for Halloween.  After hearing all of her ideas, I was hooked and determined I needed to have one of those!  So, we planned to have our Trailer Park Princess Party in early March.  However, the party had to be postponed due certain tumultuous events taking place here in Wisconsin - you may have seen the news...

So, with life not yet back to normal, but in need of a break from this awful reality we are living in, the party is back on for August.  I'll admit, it hasn't received as much attention as I give the kids' parties.  But then again, how much party prep can you do for this theme?  Isn't the point not to do too much party prep? 

I have my menu:  Mac and Cheese, Hot Dogs, Pork Rines, Cheese Puffs, Bologna and Cheese Sandwiches, Spaghettios, Easy Cheese and Ritz Crackers and Beef Jerky.  For the desserts, of course nothing less than a Hostess treats cake. 

For the adult beverages, my husband insists that he get some sort of beer that people will actually drink.  I was pushing for Milwaukee's Best or Pabst Blue Ribbon (or as we call it in Wisconsin, PBR).  No go...  Of course for the ladies, I can think of nothing better than a fine box of Franzia and some Wapatoolie.  (If you've never heard of Wapatoolie - it seems to be a Midwest college party drink, (although some call it Trash Can Punch) here is some information to enlighten you.)  For those who prefer the non-alcoholic beverages, Mountain Dew and a fine Kool-Aid seems appropriate.

But what can my guests drink these fine beverages in?  I happened to stumble across the perfect solution when I was in our local chocolatier (no less) looking for treats for Ethan's carnival candy table.  There these were - Redneck Wine Glasses!!!

RedNek Wine Glass - BACKORDERED UNTIL AUG. 8  | Gifts and Collectibles

Okay, so the $13.95 price tag was just a little steep for me.  Upon further inspection, it was apparent I could make these fine treasures myself.  For my supplies, I needed glass candlesticks from the dollar store, Mason jars and some epoxy glue. So for less than $2.00 a wine glass, here is what I made!

Actually, I think they are kind of cute.  If you have any fun ideas for this fun, adult party, I'd love to hear them!  Happy party planning!


  1. Hostess goodies cake, comfort food, and awesome redneck glasses? This party looks awesome already!