Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chocolate Bunny Inspired Easter Egg Hunt Fun!

We held our 1st Annual Collar Easter Egg Hunt today.  What a great day!  The snow and ice pellets of a week ago turned into thunderstorms and sunny skies and 70's one week later. In fact, the candy in the eggs actually melted!  Who knew!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I used printables from Green Beansie Cards for the sweets table.  I also used the adorable printables from Heather at Chickabug for the Easter Egg Hunt.  There are just so many adorable Easter printables out there, it's hard to just use one!

This post is a picture overload, but I had a hard time narrowing it down. 

Ethan and Grace's adorable preppy bunny shirts - This Pretty on Etsy.

Sweets Table

Chocolate Bunny Cookies from Happy Cookies.


 Carrot Chair Backs
For a "How To" click here.

The Easter Egg Hunt!

(We had more kids - moms and dads just prefer them not to be on the blog.)
For a "How To" on the $1 Easter Buckets, click here.

It was a GREAT day and we are really looking forward to next year!


  1. Oh what a cute party! I need to do this next year!! Love the dessert table : )


  2. Love it! I'm going to link it to my blog!
    Thank you!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your party pictures, including my printable set! : ) I can't decide which I like better... the carrot cones or the bunny-tail cupcake wrappers. Such CUTE ideas!! : )

  4. So many cute ideas, Melissa! I love the carrot cones, bunny cupcakes, and peeps centerpiece just to name a few!!! By the way, is that a barley twist pedestal? If so, we have the exact same taste in Southern Living at Home...except you actually have all of the pieces on my wish list!

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Yes Betsy, that's the barley stand from Southern Living. I had an addiction for a while :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your party with me, I love the chocolate bunny details! Easter egg hunts are so much fun and it looks like your party was a blast!

  7. This looks awesome! I'm so diggin' that Peeps centerpiece....THAT'S creative!
    Btw, THANK YOU for your sweet comment on my party post! *blushing*

  8. Melissa your Easter party is soooo cute. I love the attention to detail. The wreaths, the banners, the centerpiece, the bunny ears popping out everywhere, the chocolate bunnies, and even cute straw bunnies. Gosh, the kids surely must have had a blast. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I loved it so much I FEATURED you, I hope it puts a smile on your face.

    Come grab a button girl, and display it proudly!

    **Features from week #32** @ Bella Before and After
    Also I would LOVE to invite you to check out my new PINTEREST BOARDS let me know what you think!!
    Thanks girl :)

    Bella----- your newest follower, because I can't wait to check out all your other parties. Your blog is awesome, and I'm sure to find tons of inspiration here :)