Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Day Roundup

The flu has landed.  It it landed hard.  I thought we were out of the woods with just Ethan getting it, but a few days later Grace had her turn, then Chris.  My strategy was just to ignore it - if I ignored it, I wouldn't get it.  I was pretty proud of myself to be the last (wo)man standing in the house - especially since it seems lately that if anyone gets sick, it is me.  I blame the Swine Flu from last year.  I'm convinced it has permanently compromised my immune system.  But early Saturday morning I could no longer ignore the unwelcomed visitor.  Curses the flu.  It stole an entire weekend and continues to haunt me.

Despite the cold and hot sweats, I managed to get a few Valentine's Day crafty projects done.  For some reason, this year I heart Valentine's Day more than any other year.  So here are a few of my projects that I've been working on.

Be Mine Banner

Heart Felt Wreath
Inspired by eighteen25
I have to admit, I cheated and did not cut all the felt circles.  I purchased them on etsy from The Fairy Felt Mother.  So worth it!!!

 Valentine Day Countdown

Chalkboard Heart - Mothology
I made two versions, wasn't sure if the pink or red would show up better.  Chris and Grace liked the red version the best - after I straightened out "countdown" on the bottom of the heart!  Getting that vinyl straight sure can be tricky!  Good thing it's not permanent!

 Teacher XOXO Treat Jars

Using my Silhouette, I cut out the XOXO and heart.  It's hard to see from the picture, but I filled the jars with pink caramel filled Kisses and tied a pink ribbon around the jar.  They are super cute in person!

Personalized XOXO Valentine's Mailboxes
inspired by How Does She?


 I saw these mailboxes in the Target Dollar Aisle on several trips to Target and pondered what I could do with them.  They were too cute, but I wasn't sold on them until I saw Alison's idea over on How Does She?.  I had to make one for all of us and my adorable nieces and nephew!

 Valentine's Day Treats

Thank You tags courtesy of Green Apple Paperie, downloaded from Catch My Party.

I'm not going to admit where I purchased the gumball dispensers because my union brothers and sisters will de-friend me.  But sometimes, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!  The reason I started off this post with over sharing out our bout with the flu is because the flu is what caused me to step into that anti-worker rights store.  My husband was in dire need of Gatorade and that was the only place I could get to at the time.  And low and behold, I found myself in the Valentine's aisle and stumbled across these uber-cute gumball dispensers.  I just couldn't pass them up - even if it meant I was violating worker's rights by spending my money in that place.  I've since gone to confession and we are all good :)

So that's my Valentine's Day round-up.  I've decided that I'm going to surprise the fam with a Valentine's Day breakfast/sweets table next Sunday.  But first things first, time to prepare for the Packer's Super Bowl victory this Sunday.  Stay warm and well!


  1. I hope you are all feeling better soon!! That is the worst when the whole family gets sick. (And trust me, i know from a little bit too much personal experience!) Hang in there. I'll be sending good energy your way.

    p.s. Your V-day decorations are adorable!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! I know what you mean, I got sicks a couple days before Izabella's birthday, and I kept trying to ignore it, but it was not helping : )

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the V-day decorations!!

  3. Featured your Cars party today!! LOVE IT!!