Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Game On!

As I've mentioned, in several (numerous) posts, we are huge Packers fans.  HUGE!!!  So this is a big, BIG, BIG week here!  BIG! 

As excited as we are here in Green Bay, my fellow party gal, Michelle of Maddycakes Muse is equally excited to cheer on her Steelers

So today I approached Michelle with a proposition - a friendly wager on the Super Bowl game.  She was game (excuse the pun)!  Now we just need to figure out what's the loot for the winner.  I jokingly offered that if the Packers win she gets to decorate a cheesehead.  I hope I was clear that was a joke.  To most Packers fans, contrary to common knowledge, we don't all own a cheesehead and most of us would never wear one.  I'm so excited!

In fact, I am so excited that I began decorating for Super Bowl Sunday with my Game Day Printables from Amanda at Shindig Parties To Go .  I started with the fireplace and here's what I put together:

So okay Michelle, show me what ya' got!  And, if anyone has any ideas as to what our wager should be, let us know your suggestions.

Go Packers!


  1. OHHHH, I love it! You did such a great job, Melissa -- what a creative use of the papers in the Superbowl pack of printables. Thanks so much for sharing -- I hope it's OK if I share today with my own readers.

  2. Thanks Amanda! Absolutely! Share away.

  3. Very cute, Melissa! I love your artichoke wreath!!! Do you mind saying where you got that?

  4. Thank you Betsy. I purchased the wreath from a home decor store here in Green Bay. I love it to - it's so versatile!

  5. I must say those are about the classiest Packers decorations I think I've ever seen! Nice job! :)