Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sneak Peak of Ethan's Super Hero / Police Party!

Tomorrow my little boy turns 5!  It is so cliche to say, but so true - where did the time go?  And, can you still claim baby weight when your baby is no longer a baby, much less a toddler?

Ethan's party was this past weekend and minus some sprinkles of rain and deflated balloons (despite the promise that they would last for AT LEAST 2 weeks!), the day was perfect!  Ethan had an amazing time with his friends and family.

All next week I will be sharing lots and lots of details of the party on the all new Maddycakes Muse website.  I am so excited!  If you have not seen Michelle's new and improved site, you have to take a look!  In the meantime, because I usually have the first post up within 8 hours of my children's parties, I wanted to share a few sneak peaks of Ethan's party - in honor of his birthday tomorrow.  Please make sure you stop by Maddycakes Muse next week to see all the details.  The following week, I'll have even more details here on Buckets of Grace.

The birthday boy - 5 years later!
Sneak Peak of Party Pics

Deflated Masked Balloons (this pic won't make the Maddycakes Muse website!)
I can't wait to share all the great details of this party!  See you all next week!

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  1. I wish I could have bought those buildings from you!!! Its exactly what we need!!!
    Your party looks GREAT!!!
    P.S if you still have them I would purchase them!! lol