Thursday, June 28, 2012

{FREE} Super Hero Poster - In Need of Your Help!

Who doesn't love free things??? I stumbled across something I am SO excited about, but I need your help!!!

Ethan turns 5 this year. If you follow this blog, you'll know that my kids love to challenge me with their choice of birthday party themes. They usually try to combine some crazy ideas for me. This year, Ethan decided he wants a Super Hero and Police party. I am SO up to the challenge!

Daddy is a police officer and Ethan thinks he and daddy are super heroes. I had to oblige! My plan to link them together is to use the overall theme of, "When I Grow Up."

Prior to Father's Day, I stumbled into Hallmark and found posters used to advertise their Father's Day line of products.  It was love at first sight :)  I am never to proud to ask for something for a party so I asked the manager if I could have the posters when they were done with them. Lucky for me, she said yes. Here are two pictures of them (sorry for the quality, I took the pictures with the Ipad):

If you can't tell, the posters both read, "DAD, NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES" and then has "Father's Day Sunday, June 17" underneath.  Obviously, this won't work for Ethan.  The posters have that vintage comic book look to them if you can't see from my quality picture :)

My initial thought to turn them into a poster for Ethan's, "When I Grow Up" Super Hero/Police party was to make a comic book caption burst a little bit larger than "DAD" to conceal it and put Ethan's name in it so the poster would read, "ETHAN, NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES."  That phrase would go great with the theme.  I would take a black strip and cover up the "Father's Day" caption and put Ethan's birthday on that. 

I found this plaque at Hobby Lobby that could fit the theme as well:

So, what do you think?  What should I do with those posters?  Or, do I scrap them and do nothing?  No pressure, but Ethan LOVES them :)

Perhaps I will award a prize to the truly ingenious suggestions :)  Thanks for your help!!!


  1. I think they are awesome! covering "dad" should not be a problem, either with his name "Super Ethan" or a graphic or something like "Calling all superheroes". They could be a great backdrop for your sweet table or as a picture spot.
    Have you seen this from HWTM? I saw it a while ago and remembered when I saw your post . MANY great ideas! (check the phone booth made out of a refrigerator box!! brilliant)

  2. I love how resourceful you were!! Did you ever post a tutorial on how you made the telephone booth and jail? I'm been hunting all over your site and haven't found one. I'm sure they are pretty easy to do, but I would love some hints before I get started!