Thursday, January 6, 2011

Buckets of Prom Prep

No, not a real prom.  But, Grace's Birthday Prom.  Yes, I am already planning Grace's birthday party and yes, it is a prom.  It is actually a cute story about how she decided on a prom theme. 

A few days after her 6th birthday last year, we happened to be out at a nice restaurant in Green Bay (yes we have those).  Coincidentally, the night we were out to dinner was the night most area schools were having their proms.  A large amount of prom goes happened to be at the restaurant.  I think Grace died and went to glittery tulle heaven.  There were several times I had to tell her to stop staring at the girls.  At some point I had to take her to the bathroom and but for me leading her by the hand, she would have ran into several of the girls.  After we returned to our table, out of no where Grace announces she wants a prom birthday party for her 7th birthday - in one year.  Of course the idea of tulle, glitter, disco balls and pretty dresses had me totally on board.  So we've been eagerly anticipating Grace's prom birthday party since last year.

My only concern with the theme was that it would be too mature.  So to make it more age appropriate, I tried to pick a "prom theme" that 7 year olds could relate to.  At least when I when I was on prom committee (I know, what a shock) we had a theme - not that I can remember it now.  I came up with having an "Enchanted Prom."  I thought I could stick to princesses and princes (for the poor boys that have to attend) and castles and tiaras. 

I think I've admitted that I'm pretty good at looking to others for ideas, but I'm not the most original in coming up with my own - so this party is quite a challenge.  I have yet to find a Prom Birthday party on any of the great party blogs.  But never fear, I've been able to adopt some great ideas for the party.  The first to spark my imagination was this picture from Southern Living:

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Disco Ball

I picked up quite a few disco ball ornaments from Hobby Lobby in various sizes during the Christmas season but wasn't sure how I'd make them "enchanted" rather than more fit for a 70's theme.  When I saw the idea from Southern Living, I knew that was what I'd do with the larger disco balls.  So here is what I created:


I made three of these and plan to hang them above the candy/favor table.  I can't wait to see how they'll look above the table.

So much more to do for the party, but oh so fun!


  1. Such a awesome idea!! I love it:) You can set up a "photo booth" for them (like the ones at prom) Add some fun props for the little ladies to pose with and be girly! I'm sure they'll love it!

  2. Thank you! I'm all over the photo booth idea. My aunt is a professional photographer and she has graciously agreed to let me use one of her backdrops and props for the photo booth. She has a sort of castle theme. I can't wait to set it up!

  3. I love this pretty disco ball! I can't wait to see prom photos of 7 year olds. What a great idea!!! Please channel some classic prom poses for these.

  4. What a cute theme! Loving the disco ball : )