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Grace's Hannah Montana/High School Musical/Rock Star 6th Birthday Party

I am finally getting around to featuring Grace's 6th birthday party.  Prior to having this blog, my fellow party blogger, Betsy Pruitt from Belly Feathers was kind enough to post this party on her blog.  I am eternally grateful!  She was part of the inspiration to start this blog and has been so helpful as I continue this journey! 

Grace challenged me for her 6th Birthday.  It wasn't long after she turned 5 when she decided she wanted a High School Musical and Hannah Montana party - as if one Disney star wasn't enough!  As I think I've noted before, I'm not too crazy about "character" parties, let alone having two characters in one party!  But as any mom out there would do, if that's what your child wanted, you'd do it.  So like the baseball party, I gave it my all :) 

I thought one way that I could "de-character" the party would be to tie it together with a "Rock Star" theme.  The "rock star" aspect of the party really pulled it all together.  And the best part of the party, was the look on Grace's face when she came home from school to see all of the decorations and especially the stage.

This was the first year I let her have a "friend" birthday party.  I still think it's important to celebrate birthdays with family.  So I decided to host her friends from 11:00 to 1:00 and then have family arrive at 3:00.  That arrangement worked out great!  I only had to decorate and get ready for one day.

The guests were invited to come dressed as their favorite Rock Star.  The girls looked adorable!  This party was so much to plan and even better to throw given the excitement of all the girls!

The Invite
Rock Star Party Invitation

The Favors

The Favor Containers were actually Easter baskets from Kohl's that I got at 90% off from the previous Easter!

Favor Tags - Ciao Bambino from Etsy
The guitars were full of Hannah Montana and High School Musical items, all fit for a rock star!
Each girl also received a microphone headset, blow up guitar and feather boa.
Each girl also received her own backstage pass that I created using my Creative Memories Digital Scrapbooking Package.  They were placed in backstage pass holders from Oriental Trading Company.

The Decorations
I printed off 8x10 backstage passes to place next to the posters.

I also created a number of signs to be placed around the party.

The Stage
Grace insisted on having a stage for the party.  When I told her we wouldn't have a raised platform, she was a little disappointed.  However, when she got home from school and saw this stage, she was ecstatic!

I made the speakers using large cardboard boxes.  I spray painted them black and used a stencil I created to make the circles on the boxes.
A vinyl sticker from UpperCase Living that I placed on the "stage floor."

The Activities
We had a Hannah Montana Tattoo Parlor and a Girl Power Salon.  I had make-up, fingernail polish, hair extensions and hair spray paint for each girl to create her own rock star!
I purchased cardboard guitars from Oriental Trading for each child to decorate.  I added the black center circle prior to the party so the kids would have a reference point from where to decorate the guitar.  

The girls played "pass the microphone" - our version of Hot Potato.

I had a guitar pinata.
And a rock star birthday party wouldn't be complete without karaoke!  My great neighbors let us use their karaoke machine.  I purchased a Hannah Montana karaoke C.D. from Great Party.  All of the girls LOVED karaoke.  I think we heard "Best of Both Worlds" 30 times.

Ethan was quite the karaoke singer!

 The Food

Cupcake Toppers - Ciao Bambino from Etsy
I adventured into cake making for this party.  Because some of my family (including me) is celiac, we have two cakes at most functions - one that tastes good and a gluten-free one.

The Birthday Girl
Grace's dress was from Etsy (the shop no longer is listed on Etsy).
Rock Star Guitar Dress Jumper Top - Sizes 3M-4T-Black, white, bright pink fabrics

Ethan's shirt was from the same seller on Etsy.
My rock stars!
I gave the adults who helped with her friend party, t-shirts that said, "Security."

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  1. Melissa, thanks so much for the very kind shout out! I loved seeing these pictures all over again!!! Grace's party reminds me of playing with my Jem dolls when I was little.