Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  It has been a really bad week here for me in my real job.  Some really bad people are trying to do some really bad things to some really good people.  So, I may not be posting too often for the next few weeks as I don my superhero cape and try to fight the good fight.  On a positive note, if those really bad people get their way, I'll have lots of free time on my hands and maybe I could start planning parties for other people, not just my own kids :)

Despite the awful week, I am determined to still make good memories for my kids and family.  So, today I had a Sweet Valentine's Day Breakfast for them.  It was great fun to see the kids' reactions as they got up and saw the breakfast.  I'll try to share all of the sources, but if I don't have one, feel free to email me.

I am also overjoyed to share that Catch My Party featured the picture of Ethan and Grace below holding the banner as their "party photo of the week."  What an honor!  Check it out here!

Paper fans - Party City
Table Cloth - Sweet Tea and Linen
Printables - Green Apple Paperie as seen on Catch My Party
Cake Bunting - Tom Kat Studios

Striped Buckets - Target Dollar Aisle (I repurposed them as cereal bowls.)
Heart Glass Bowls - Dollar Tree
Cereal Containers - Potter Barn Kids

This red velvet cake was in the bakery at my grocery store! 

Love glasses - Dollar Tree

Frame - $.99 Ikea.
The printable is a candy bar wrapper that I cropped to fit in the frame. 
I added the "bling" to the outside of the frame.

Heart container from Target that I glued with epoxy glue to a candlestick from the Dollar Tree.
Carnations from my local grocery store!

This is the photo featured on Catch My Party!
Grace and Ethan's pajamas - Gymboree

Awww....  They still like each other :)

Plates - Target

Have a great Valentine's everyone.  And make sure you hold those dear to you a little tighter!


  1. Melissa, this is absolutely gorgeous!! You're mom of the year material!

  2. Wow, that is amazing. You have certainly blessed those closest to you.

    Thanks for sharing.