Sunday, April 27, 2014

French Fashionista Birthday Party

Happy 10th Birthday to Grace!  This birthday was a little different than our past birthdays.  First, we had two parties on two different days - one for friends and one for family.  Second, the friend party was held mostly "off site," not at our house.  And third, both parties were VERY scaled back - VERY.  No one believed me that I could do it.  I love a challenge.
Grace wanted to have a "fashion shoot" for her girlfriends.  We needed a big space for it and our house just would not work.  My good friend Kimberly allowed us to use part of a space at a local store she owns (Green Baybeez - check it out!)  It worked out perfectly. 
The day could not have been more perfect.  Every tween girl deserves to feel like a super model - regardless of body type.  Our photographer - Andrea Westein did just that.  She was amazing and made the girls feel beautiful and special.  What a valuable lesson to teach these girls.  I am so glad Grace chose this theme!
This was not my typical birthday extravaganza.  I reused a lot of previously purchased decorations and items I had for prior parties.  No fancy sweets tables.  No over the top table backdrops.  What it taught me was that even on a small scale, birthdays can be special and memorable.  The girls who attended Grace's friend party have been to most of her previous parties.  They all said this was the most fun one yet.  Great lesson - high end designed sweets tables, perfectly symmetrical favor tables and high end decorations do not make a party memorable.  Laughter, friendship and family does!



Small Treat Table for the Super Models


Super Models!
(Photographs by Andrea Lynn.  Copyright Andrea Lynn Photography)


I even had a chance to get a pic with my sweet little lady.
Treats for the Family Party


Thanks for looking.  I hope this party inspires you to make a party meaningful for your child and not simply about great pictures for a photo spread.

Printables - Lora Lang Designs
Tissue Garland - homemadexojules


  1. What an awesome party and I love the theme and decorations ! Wow :)
    Thanks for sharing.

    ~ Lu

  2. I love your parties! Do you budget a lot for them? I can't seem to keep ours under budget!