Monday, May 28, 2012

Paper Pom Ice Cream Sundaes

We are getting ready for our 2nd annual neighborhood ice cream social.  We had so much fun at last year's gathering that we had to do it again!  See pics here.

This year, our theme is ice cream and lemonade - two of summer's best treats!  See our awesome invite here from Dimple Prints.  And this year, we are celebrating on a budget!  In an attempt to be economical, I am using my stash of party decor.  As I was going through leftover party decor, I came across these small paper poms from Grace's Enchanted Prom Party.

I also had these poms from our Halloween party:

Adding a few lemon stickee notes from a lemon stickee pad of paper I found from Target in the dollar aisle, and placing them in an ice cream sundae container from the dollar store, here is what those poms now look like:

Now that's party decor on a budget!  Thanks for looking!

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